I got hope!!! And i get some money back for this semester, which couldn’t have come at a better time with me not working as much right now.

I am freaking happy. Especially since i just got notice my financial aid is running out. Thankfully i have 5 classes left before i graduate with both of my degrees. :)

All i want to do is tell Brandon but he left his phone at home….ughhhh but WOOT WOOT. I R SMART

I am sick of being everyone’s computer person.

People get mad because I don’t dedicate 100% of my time to theienstuff. Do you not realize I have a life and other stuff to do. The only people I don’t mind doing it for is brandons parents because they are always appreciative. Other people just talk to me for that.

My mom is the worst. I have shown her what to do a million times and she wants me to come over and basically find her file and hit print. No IM not wasting my time. I already set it up for you to do. I’m tired and just want to finish this semester and she acts like that doesn’t matter





More Suzy, always more Suzy. (x)

But WHY would any sane human being LIKE spending shitloads of money (make-up being more expensive pr kg than even platinum and gold) on something that essentially ruins their skin and causes illnesses?

Make-up is exactly like smoking, junk food and tanning. An unhealthy, illogical bad habit.

Thanks for your input, 30-something male! I’ll take it to heart the next time I need an opinion from someone whose input means fuckall.